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Window Washer 6.5

Window Washer 6.5: Webroot Window Washer and Iternet Eraser. Your quick way into privacy protection Window Washer and Iternet Eraser. As you work on your computer and browse the Internet, you leave behind traces of your activity. This information not only takes up valuable disk space but also jeopardizes your privacy. Window Washer simply and safely wipes your tracks clean and removes unnecessary files for complete privacy and improved PC performance. Award-winning and used by privacy advocates around the globe, Window Washer: Eliminates useless

Webroot Window Washer 6.5: Webroot® Window Washer® simply and safely wipes your internet tracks clean.
Webroot Window Washer 6.5

Window Washer scours your hard drive with a single click and removes information such as Web sites visited, downloaded files and stored user names and passwords. Window Washer also removes the opened file list within Windows and hundreds of third-party applications such as Windows® Media Player, Adobe Acrobat®, Apple iTunes® and QuickTime®. Once these traces are removed, Webroot Window Washer ensures they are gone forever. In addition, by automatically

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Free Internet Window Washer 3.6: A free privacy cleaner to remove internet tracks and computer activities.
Free Internet Window Washer 3.6

Window Washer securely erase your internet tracks, computer activities and programs history information stored in many hidden files on your computer.It also provides you option to clean the data from your PC more securely so that they could not be recovered. Free Internet Window Washer allows you to erase Window`s temp folders, run history, search history, open/save history, recent documents, your browser`s cache, cookies, history, visited URLs,

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Fast System Washer 3.1.3: Comprehensive cleaning of your PC and Internet history.
Fast System Washer 3.1.3

Fast System Washer protects your privacy and improves PC performance by automatic cleaning all junk, temporary, internet files and external applications history. Fast System & Internet Washer recovers hard disk space and speeds up system performance.. Fast System & Internet Washer allows you to define custom clean folders that contain unused files on the local computer or remote servers. Allows to schedule Windows clean and more...

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All Tracks Gone Internet privacy Cop 2.5.8

window washer automatically cleans your computer of files you may not want others to see, protecting your privacy. Features: Automatic- You can schedule AllTracksGone to protect your privacy by erasing your tracks automatically during the times you choose, with only the settings you choose, from one easy to use application. Windows Privacy Settings- Erases Windows` secret index.dat file, Windows Temp Directories and files, Recent Files List, Windows

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HistoryWasher 1.04: Protects your privacy and clears the traces of your Internet & computer activity
HistoryWasher 1.04

Washer is a powerful and easy-to-use privacy protection tool for removing Internet surfing and other computer activity tracks from your PC. With HistoryWasher installed on your computer you will never have to worry about prying eyes again. HistoryWasher protects your privacy and lets clean up the traces of your Internet and computer activity. Some features of HistoryWasher: 1) Clear Internet History, Cache (Temporary Internet Files), Cookies, Address

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This product combines 16 Windows cleaning and optimization tools to keep your system running fast and secure. Hard Drive Washer deletes unnecessary data, Surf Trail Washer deletes your internet trail, Registry Washer cleans up your Registry. Startup Booster allows you to configure your Windows startup, File Washer erases data completely and File Encrypter can hide it. With Settings Organizer you configure or tune up your system ... and much more!

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